Location: L1-16 (Level 1)

Phone Number: 03 - 6203 5238

Opening Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm (daily)


Suki-Ya was born from the combination of specialised shops in Japan serving hot pot, shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. In order to adopt and share the exclusive dining experience, we gathered technology and expertise from Japan and fused them together. We wanted to share our idea of a modern, healthy lifestyle eatery, where people can get together to experience healthy, low fat food in a warm atmosphere.

At Suki-Ya, we offer 4 choices of popular soup bases to further entice the diner’s palate with a FREE FLOW of freshly sliced meat. Fans of sukiyaki will certainly love our paper-thin-sliced beef. To complement the rich selection of meat, our vegetable bar is always stocked with fresh greens and premium eggs. We have specially made dipping sauce available, or you can create your own favourite sauce. We also have an a la carte menu with choices ranging from tofu to the ever-popular salmon sashimi.

We are a restaurant designed for medium sized groups, where family and friends get to huddle close together while enjoying great food and impeccable customer service. We like to leave you to yourself to enjoy your meal and the ambience, but our attentive staff will always be ready to serve you. And to top everything off with an affordable price tag, Suki-Ya is definitely a dining choice for everyone.