Location: G-23A & G -23A (AS)

Phone Number: 012-222 6510

Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm (daily)


BilaBila is a convenience store brand inspired by the charm of a Malaysian “kedai runcit”, crafted with a modern, contemporary, artisanal twist.

Customers can look forward to a welcoming, upmarket store atmosphere, while being presented with an eclectic array of offerings, featuring convenience store essentials and a selection of products sourced from artisanal, homegrown Malaysian brands. This includes everything from premium coffees and fresh sandwiches, to handmade gourmet ice cream and salted egg chips!

From urbanites with fast-paced lives looking for a convenient grab and go experience, to families looking to pop by for unique snacks and treats – BilaBila brings a uniquely enriching convenience store experience to anyone, anytime.