Location: L1-23 & 23A (Level 1)

Phone Number: 03-5885 3993

Opening Hours: 10.00am to 9.00pm (daily)


Since its inception in July 2009, A-Saloon has been redefining the hair care experience. With 15 salons available, A-Saloon aims to provide their clients with 6-star service experience and environment.

Step into any A-Saloon and be greeted with a luxurious space with soft lighting and comfortable chairs. Every spacious station in A-Saloon is equipped with a tablet (iPad2 or ASUS tablets) and free Wi-Fi for every client’s convenience. Clients will also be served with a complimentary drink during their visit. All A-Saloon outlets are also equipped with a “Reserved Muslim Area”: an area covered by curtains should any Muslim client require additional privacy. All care is taken to keep every experience in A-Saloon a great one.

Clients are then attended to by qualified stylists who will then study their needs to give them their desired end result. Every consultation starts with a diagnosis of their hair and scalp type, which will then be followed with a recommendation by the stylist on the appropriate in-salon ritual and a personalized home care programme. The stylist will also recommend clients hairstyles to suit their face shape and hair type for the full in-salon ritual.